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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Care Coordinator

The Care Coordinator is responsible for delivering, integrating, and coordinating supportive services for assigned individuals at the 801 East Men’s Shelter, which is funded by a grant agreement with the District’s Department of Human Services (DHS). Focusing on the intersection of healthcare and social/behavioral/housing supports, the Care Coordinator works with multiple systems of care, both inside the shelter (e.g., between Day Center, Housing Focused Case Management, Employment Services, Low Barrier Shelter, Work bed, Senior/Frailty, Recuperative Care, and Health Clinic) and with outside providers (e.g., medical specialists, hospitals, behavioral health providers, etc.). The goal is facilitation of integrated, whole-person care. The Assistant Program Director fields requests and referrals from staff working across the other on-site programs and supports the Care Coordinator with developing a rotating caseload of ~25-30 guests with high priority presenting situations.
Contact: jobs@ccdc1.org


Friday, May 6, 2022

Day Center Services Supervisor

The Day Center Services Supervisor oversees the Team working in the Day Center and other program staff delivering a range of supportive services at the 801 East Men’s Shelter & Service Center. The program is funded by a grant agreement with the District’s Department of Human Services (DHS). Service components include a Day Center; Housing Focused Case Management and Employment Services across Low Barrier Shelter, Workbed, and Senior/Frailty temporary housing programs; and Recuperative Care (aka Medical Respite) as well as the Health Clinic which is operated under a sub-provider. The Supervisor directly manages the roles of Day Center Specialist, Employment Specialist, Benefits Specialist, Peer Specialist, and other staff or volunteers associated with the Day Center services and amenities. The Day Center Services Supervisor may also support the Program Director with other responsibilities as assigned to ensure that the goals and objectives of the Supportive Services program are accomplished at the 801 East Men’s Shelter. The Supervisor collaborates with other key service and operational partners to ensure a smooth experience for shelter stayers aka clients (e.g., Housing Focused Case Management, Health Clinic, Respite Program, Shelter Operator, Food Service Vendor, Housekeeping, Security, etc.). Overall, the Day Center Services Supervisor is responsible for developing and promoting high quality, innovative, and integrated supportive services. The Supervisor oversees services provision and coordination in a manner that is culturally humble/responsive, trauma-informed, and evidence-based. The Supervisor ensures program staff embody a “Radical Hospitality” approach while delivering and coordinating supportive services.
Contact: jobs@ccdc1.org


Friday, April 29, 2022

Supported Employment Specialist

Washington, District of Columbia
POSITION SUMMARY Community Connections is seeking a Supported Employment Specialist to work with adults and transition age youth with serious mental illness. The ideal candidates are business-oriented professionals who are networking savvy with strong interpersonal skills and passionate about working with people with mental health and substance use problems to become employed. Job duties include developing relationships with employers in order to achieve successful placements.
Contact: jobs@ccdc1.org


Thursday, April 28, 2022

Intake Specialist

The Intake Specialist is responsible for conducting Intake procedures with guests seeking Low Barrier Shelter option at the 801 East Men’s Shelter, which is funded by a grant agreement with the District’s Department of Human Services (DHS). The Intake Specialist typically handles 5 –10 Intakes with guests per shift. The Intake Specialist is a member of the Housing-Focused Case Management Team.


Monday, April 11, 2022

Case Manager in Permanent Supportive Housing Program

The Permanent Supportive Housing Program at Community Connections is looking for a new Case Manager to join their dynamic team! By providing stabilizing services, innovative programs, and transformative advocacy, you will have the opportunity to strengthen families and help create thriving communities. As a Case Manager in the PSHP program, you will be joining a group of passionate individuals interested in building family resilience and creating a more equitable community.


Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Employment Specialist

The Employment Specialist is the member of the Day Services Team responsible for helping each assigned individual secure employment. Focusing on the timely identification of interest in employment, and leveraging the skills embodied in Evidence Based Practices like Support Employment or Individualized Placement and Support (IPS), the Employment Specialist works with participants in the shelter and with employers in the community to find the best possible match of employee and employer. The Employment Specialist is cross-trained in the other service jobs on this contract (e.g. Benefits Specialist, Housing Navigator, Housing Focused Case Manager), and is able to cross-cover as necessary.


Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Housing Navigator

The Housing Navigator is responsible for helping each assigned individual apply for and acquire housing for which they are eligible. The Housing Navigator has extensive knowledge of the District’s Coordinated Assessment Housing Placement (CAHP) System and is well versed in assisting clients/guests with exiting homelessness into appropriately matched housing options (e.g., Affordable, Rapid Rehousing Programs, and Permanent Supportive Housing Programs, also Transitional or Temporary Housing Programs). The Housing Navigator may have a rolling caseload of 25 to 30 active clients/guests with an overall services goal if timely acquisition of safe, stable, and affordable housing and coordination of appropriate supports if indicated. The Housing Navigator may also support with providing Housing Focused Case Management and/or Shelter Intake as needed. The Housing Navigator works with multiple systems of care, both inside the shelter (e.g., between Day Center, Low Barrier Shelter, Workbed Program, Senior/Frailty Program, Recuperative Care Program, Housing Focused Case Management, Employment Services, and the Health Clinic) and with outside providers and/or landlords.
Contact: jobs@ccdc1.org


Monday, March 14, 2022

Medical Director

The Medical Director oversees the provision of psychiatric services at Community Connections. The Director role is designed to emphasize consultative availability, training/education, monitoring, peer review, and accountability. In addition to supervising services provided by treating psychiatrists and APRNs, the Director provides direct care including diagnosis and treatment of patients with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders.
Contact: jobs@ccdc1.org


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Homeless Outreach Specialist

The Homeless Services Program at Community Connections is looking for a new Homeless Outreach Specialist! By joining this dynamic team, you will have the opportunity to serve vulnerable men and women in the Washington D.C. experiencing homelessness using a housing-first approach. This role is for someone looking to build trust-based and collaborative relationships in the community and eager to have a lasting impact on individuals experiencing homelessness. By employing trauma-informed and client-centered techniques, you will be able to help our clients overcome the barriers that are holding them back from successfully living their lives.


Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Clinical Supervisor for ACT (Assertive Community Treatment)

Community Connections seeks a Clinical Supervisor for staff who work with adults with serious mental illness who are in early and tenuous phases of stability in the community to support them in developing stronger recovery skills and addressing chronic problems. Under the supervision of the Sr. Clinical Director, the Clinical Supervisor provides leadership, mentoring or supervision, consultation, support, and daily clinical assistance to Community Support Specialists assigned to the team. On average, a team will have 10 staff each providing direct services to consumers.
Contact: jobs@ccdc1.org


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