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Thursday, 28 September, 2017

SSI/SSDI Outreach, Assess, and Recovery (SOAR) Specialist

The District Homeless Action Project at Community Connections serves vulnerable men and women in the District experiencing homelessness, and is funded by a contract with the Department of Behavioral Health. Members of CABHI (Cooperative Agreements to Benefit Homeless) use a housing-first approach and trauma-informed practices to build trust-based and collaborative relationships. The SSI/SSDI Outreach, Assess, and Recovery (SOAR) Specialist is a specialized member of the team who utilizes SAMHSA’s SOAR model to promote individuals’ access to obtaining Social Security disability benefit. The SOAR Specialist delivers outreach, in-reach, assessment, navigation, and follow-up housing stabilization services to persons experiencing homelessness and case management leading to the submission of a completed SSI/SSDI application to the Social Security Administration.


The position requires, minimally, a Bachelor’s degree plus one year of relevant experience working with individuals with severe and persistent mental illness and facing homelessness or residing in housing programs. Ideal candidates have demonstrated a commitment to ending homelessness, evidence of effective teaming practices, and appreciation for systems levels issues that impact direct services. Some non-traditional work hours are expected.  Position requires outreach during heat and cold weather alerts. Candidates must have a reliable vehicle and clean driving record as most of the work is done in the community.


Please send your resume and letter of interest to Rebecca Wolfson Berley at jobs@ccdc1.org



Contact: jobs@ccdc1.org

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