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Friday, 30 September, 2016

Recovery Month Event

Community Connections celebrated our second annual National Recovery Month Event. This year’s theme was Join the Voice for Recovery: Our Families, Our Stories, Our Recovery. Community Connections understands everyone is in recovery from something: from mental health problems and substance abuse to financial, physical and occupational struggles. This year, Community Connections partnered with 16 vendors (listed below) and reached more than 145 community members. Visitors were able to walk away with information from each vendor, learn how the different programs have helped people manage their struggles, and hear the stories of those who have experience recovery. We look forward to our next community event.

Thank you to all our vendors this year: Department of Behavioral Health, DC Public Library, Our Door Community Wellness Center, Women’s Center, N Street Village, Outpatient Addictions Services, SMYAL Youth Center, NAMI DC, Employment Service Program, Health Care for Homeless Veterans, DC Board of Elections, Family Peer Coaching Project, St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, Virginia Williams Family Resource Center, Providence Center for infectious Diseases, and Bayou Café.

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