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Wednesday, 12 July, 2017

Faces of Community Connections

Many faces walk through the doors of Community Connections everyday and these individuals are truly inspiring people that drive our staff forward. Many of our consumers have beaten the odds and overcome much adversity in their lives. They are a testament to the wonderful work of Community Connections. “Meet the Consumer”, is an opportunity to share stories from our consumers and become inspired by their experiences.

It is an honor to introduce you to Mr. Charles Blake. Mr. Blake has been a consumer with our permanent supportive housing program for over 7 months and says that, “It has truly been a blessing.” Before he was referred to Community Connections Mr. Blake had been homeless for four years. Mr. Blake is kind and generous and always puts the needs of others before his own. His unselfish manner and willingness to always help others meant his own needs suffered and he ended up losing everything.  This was a frustrating time for Mr. Blake, he felt as if he would never get back on his feet again. Seven months after being referred to Community Connections Mr. Blake is stably housed and holds a job working concessions at the Nationals Stadium. Mr. Blake says he could not be happier now that he is off the streets and out of the shelter. In his free time he enjoys reading his Bible, riding his bike and spending time with his long term girlfriend. We commend Mr. Blake and look forward to see what his future holds.

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