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Monday, 14 August, 2017

Preorder your Copy of Lessons for Nonprofit today

Want to learn more about the amazing story of Community Connections? Our beloved CEO and Co-Founder, Dr. Maxine Harris, has a new book sharing her insights, struggles, and mistakes with the goal of helping others who may be starting and running non-profit organizations.

LESSONS FOR NONPROFIT AND START-UP LEADERS: Tales From A Reluctant CEO, by Maxine Harris and Michael O’Leary, fills this gap by chronicling the growing pains of Community Connections, a start-up behavioral health organization in Washington, D.C., through case studies provided by Harris, its CEO, placed into context with organizational and management theory supplied by O’Leary, a business professor at Georgetown University.

Lessons For Nonprofit and Start-Up Leaders takes new CEOs from idea and inspiration, through pragmatic processes like hiring and interacting with the world at large. “You can feel the culture of an organization the minute you walk in the door. The personnel, the space, the roles that people occupy, all say something about ‘who’ this organization is. Culture is not static; it grows and changes over time in response to pressures from inside and outside the organization,” say the authors.

The book covers eight management issues confronted by Community Connections as it grew from a small mom-and-pop clinic serving a few dozen adults to become the largest nonprofit behavioral health care organization in the nation’s capital, with a current annual budget of $35 million and a real estate portfolio in excess of $46 million.

Preorder your copy today! Release date is September 15th, click here to reserve your copy through Amazon today!

Harris, cofounder of D.C.-based nonprofit Community Connections, and O’Leary, a professor of leadership at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, team up to examine the challenges of establishing a new organization in this informative and thorough exploration. The authors take an unusual approach to their topic by starting each chapter with a fairy tale 'from our collective imagination' that colorfully illustrates a specific business hurdle, such as learning how to hire the right people, overcoming obstacles, or winning over stakeholders. These stories receive titles such as 'A Fable to Reach the Sky,' 'The Magic Ring,' and 'Crossing the Woods.' Each fairy tale is followed by a case study that shows how Community Connections dealt with the issue at hand. By using Community Connections as the sole source for their case studies, the authors impart to readers a solid understanding of how one organization met its challenges. While many business books provide examples from multiple companies in the name of breadth, seldom do readers have the opportunity to explore a sole organization in such depth. (Publishers Weekly review)




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