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Monday, 19 March, 2018

Affordable Housing Rally

Community Connections participated in the DC Housing Rally to promote racial equity, jobs and housing for those experiencing homelessness in the district. Our staff provided breakfast to all the attendees. We were honored to have Mayor Muriel Bowser in attendance who affirmed her plan to fund the Housing Production Trust Fund for 100 million dollars this year. There was an array of speakers who captivated the audience with their plans to build a more inclusive DC. Nia Hope Bess discussed how historical inequity effects people of color today and that if we start to recognize that we can start taking steps to move forward to eliminate the issue. Harold Pettigrew focused on providing people of the district with the right tools to build successful and thriving entrepreneurs in the district. We also had Tom Brown also took some time to hit on promoting the community that we can connect with one another on a better level and work to build leadership among the community. Finally, Reverend Jim Dickerson concluded that our togetherness must be put into action because there is more that needs to be done to build a better DC.

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