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Monday, 16 April, 2018

Housing First Partners Conference

Our very own Ishan Heru and Navid Daee traveled to Denver Colorado to attend and present at the Housing First Partners Conference. This was a momentous event for housing partners throughout the US to come together and speak on different housing strategies. Ishan and Navid gave a presentation titled, “Hand in Glove”, Housing and Supported Employment, that was well received by the attendees. This sparked conversation on how the cost of living is continuing to increase but people experience slow wage growth. Currently Community Connections is implementing a program working on housing and employment congruently with our CAHBI and Veterans team. The strengths and weaknesses were discussed and Ishan and Navid revealed the challenges of navigating homelessness, obtaining housing and employment at one time. While attending other sessions Ishan and Navid were able to share strategies used at Community Connections for allocating housing resources. We appreciate our employees sharing their knowledge with other agencies and bringing back information learned from other agencies across the country.

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