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Tuesday, 01 May, 2018

Day Services

Community is Connections in support of the District of Columbia’s, Health and Wellness initiative is now a proud sponsor of the Child and Adult Care feeding program.  Our goal is to support a positive life style change with regard to making better choices when eating; reducing obesity, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes. The Day Rehabilitation Services Program (DSVC) is a skills training and motivation enhancement program that supports participants in their efforts to change lifestyle, overcome obstacles, recover their lives, and experience empowerment. Program participants meet daily from 9am -1pm to participate in a variety of activities to gain or rebuild confidence and the skills necessary for living independently. In order to be referred the consumer needs to have the appropriate insurance and be connected in the Community Connections mental health program. If you fit into this category please contact your case manager to fill out the referral form. We look forward to teaching and improving the lives of our consumers.

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