Community Connections
Our Core Purpose  
Welcome to Community Connections!
Core Purpose
Community Connections' core purpose is to provide behavioral health, residential services, and primary health care coordination for marginalized and disenfranchised women, men and children living in the District of Columbia who are coping with mental illness, addiction, and the aftermath of trauma and abuse.    

Core Values
Quality - We deliver quality in all that we do.                                                     
  Innovation - We are constantly innovating as we strive to be leaders in our field.
  Respect - We treat all staff and consumers with respect and dignity.
Equity - We reward quality work equitably for all employees.



Integrity - We behave with integrity, acting always and only in accordance with our core values.


  We have all heard the slogans and proverbs that alert us to the value of working together:

                “Two heads are better than one”
                “A chain is only as strong as the weakest link”     
                “A rising tide lifts all boats”

                “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”

So where will the next great idea come from for the agency?  The ideas that will inspire us all and keep Community Connections on the cutting edge of behavioral health services. It certainly won’t come from the minds of just a few.   It will not solely be generated by those of us who have been here since the agency’s inception.

In any large organization, the most valuable asset is human capital:  The minds and ideas and experience that we all bring to the table.  ALL MINDS MATTER.

The ALL MINDS MATTER (AMM) initiative will invite us all into a conversation about how we can work better, more creatively and more collaboratively.  Discussions will begin in a variety of places with groups of a range of employees.

At Community Connections everyone has a voice!                       

                                             I AMM Community Connections
                                                    ALL  MINDS MATTER

Great things can happen when every idea can make a difference.


See Employment for current opportunities to join our staff.
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