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Clinicians at Community Connections have written and produced a number of books,  videos and manuals, all available for sale.  Below are brief descriptions.  Please go to our Order Form page to purchase any items.
Books and Group Leader Manuals

Trauma Recovery & Empowerment: A Clinician's Guide to Working with Women in Groups

Millions of women seek help every year for troubling depression or anxiety, for puzzling physical symptoms like headaches, muscle aches, and stomach cramps, for addictions to drugs, alcohol, or food and for problems with relationships. What's being discovered is that trauma, whether past or ongoing, is the cause of many of these problems.

Maxine Harris



Healing the Trauma of Abuse: A Woman's Workbook

This self-help workbook for women recovering from the affects of physical, sexual, and emotional abuse is based on the Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model, and can be used by a woman on her own, with a therapist or supportive friends, or in conjunction with.

Mary Ellen Copeland & Maxine Harris


The Loss that is Forever: The Lifelong Impact of the Early Death of a Mother or Father

This book focuses on the often ignored trauma of losing a parent in childhood. The stories of over 60 men and women tell of how early loss affects relationships, parenting style and a person’s sense of self.

Maxine Harris


Women of the Asylum

This book, originally published in 1994 and recently reissued, is a compilation of writings from 26 women placed in psychiatric institutions in the 20th century. These narratives offer a clear picture of women’s lives from both within and outside the asylums in which they lived and provide some of the most harrowing tales of the abuses of the psychiatric system.

Jeffrey Geller & Maxine Harris


Using Trauma Theory to Design Service Systems in Jossey-Bass Publications

This issue of New Directions for Mental Health Services identifies the essential elements necessary for a system to begin to integrate an understanding about trauma into its core service programs.

Maxine Harris & Roger D. Fallot


Sexual Abuse in the Lives of Women Diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness

This book exposes the prevalence of sexual, physical and emotional abuse among those diagnosed with severe mental illness, includes case studies that reveal its tragic and devastating impact. This book explores services that are available to abused women, discusses treatment, and addresses recommendations for the improvement of both policy and research.

Maxine Harris


The Twenty-Four Carat Buddha

This book is a collection of original fairytales set in imaginary space and time, but with a piercing relevance for modern life. Accompanying the stoires themselves are a collection of reflections and a series of questions that allow the reader to explore the message of each story in greater depth. Readers who want to use the fables as a vehicle for self-exploration can uses these sections of the book, while those who prefer can ignore the more self-help focused parts of the collection.

Maxine Harris


Creating Cultures of Trauma Informed Care
This manual contains three documents to support programs, organizations, and/or systems of care in developing and implementing strategies to thoroughly incorporate, in all aspects of service delivery, an understanding of the prevalence and impact of trauma and the complex paths to healing and recovery.  Documents included are a: Self-Assessment and Planning Protocol, Services Implementation Plan, and Program Self-Assessment Scale.

Maxine Harris
& Roger D. Fallot


Trauma Recovery and Empowerment: An Advanced Curriculum - Understanding Relationships and Creating the Life You Want and Deserve

Women who have completed the TREM intervention sometimes feel that they still have more work to do in their own process of recovery from trauma and abuse.   In order to meet the needs of this group of motivated survivors, Community Connections has designed an advanced module (in the form of a group leader’s guide) that focuses on three additional areas of recovery: intimate relationships, forgiveness and acceptance, and inner peace and wholeness.

Maxine Harris


Men's Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (M-TREM): A Clinician's Guide for Working with Male Survivors in Groups

This manual guides group leaders through a 24 session trauma recovery process for male survivors. In part I group members develop a shared emotional and relational vocabulary. Part 2 focuses more specifically on abuse and the connections between trauma and psychological symptoms, addictive behavior and relationship patterns. Part three focuses most directly on core recovery skills.


Love and Life: G-TREM Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model Group Intervention for Adolescent Girls
The Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model group treatment intervention for women has been adapted to suit the struggles of teenagers. The leaders' manual, Love and Life: G-TREM, for working with girls ages 12-18 in groups, was most recently revised in Summer 2005 and is 16 sessions in length with a structured topic for each session. The learning approaches and overall tone accommodates the learning style and the special concerns and interests of adolescent girls. Each session includes a clinical rationale to orient group leaders to the topic, a rationale in every-day language to share with girls to introduce the session topic, goals, icebreakers and experiential exercises, and questions to facilitate discussion.


Substance Abuse Men's Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Model (SA-M-TREM) A Clinicians Guide for Working with Male Survivors in Groups
This manual is much the same as the M-TREM description, though it adds into each session some focused discussion about substance abuse issues as they relate to the theme of the session.

Roger D. Fallot, Maxine Harris, Richard Bebout, David Freeman


Trauma Recovery and Empowerment Profile (TREP) and Skill Building Strategies Menu

The TREP rating scale for 11 core skill dimensions and corresponding menu of strategies for skill building are new clinical tools for clinicians and survivors to evaluate skill level and work towards skill development and mastery.


Trauma Informed Addictions Treatment

This leaders guide to a 20 session addictions group treatment intervention is for working with men and women in the active treatment phase of recovery who are also survivors of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.


Non-Traditional Parenting Interventions

This manual contains two distinct parenting interventions. The Impact of Early Trauma on Parenting Roles (14 sessions) helps women explore the impact of their trauma history on their feelings and expectations of motherhood and parenting. Parenting at a Distance (10 sessions) is for women who are not primary caregivers to their children.


An Introduction to Trauma Issues for Women on Inpatient or Short-Stay Units

This 4 session group intervention is designed to introduce women trauma survivors to the connections between their history of abuse, psychiatric symptoms, coping skills, and self-soothing strategies. This brief intervention also helps women plan for future recovery work.


Domestic Violence: A Leader's Guide

This 10 session group intervention helps women who have experienced domestic violence -- violence which occurs in an intimate relationship -- so that they do not continue the cycle of abuse.


Trauma Issues Associated with HIV Infection: A Leaders Guide

This 11 session group intervention is designed for women trauma survivors who have also been diagnosed with HIV infection.



Women Speak Out: (40 minutes)

This 40 minute inspirational film highlights women "speaking out" about abuse. This film is an ideal training tool to introduce trauma issues to administrative staff, residential and vocational counselors, substance abuse counselors and case managers. In the film, women share the impact of abuse on their lives, their personal struggles and losses, how abuse fosters secrets, lies and distortions, advise on how to let go, and what’s helped them feel empowered and be able to move on. Maxine Harris, Ph.D., narrates the film and provides facts and prevalence data related to trauma.


Trauma Recovery & Empowerment: A Clinician's Guide to Working with Women in Groups

This 8 1/2 hour instructional film is for clinicians to learn the rationale and philosophy behind the TREM intervention, with focus on the content and format of each of the 33 sessions. The film is a rich source of general information about sexual and physical abuse and can be used as part of a curriculum on trauma.


Sisters Empowering Sisters: A Way Home in Recovery (11 Minutes)

This poignant, educational film about the powerful role of peer-to-peer supports in women’s recovery was developed at Community Connections and features peer leaders and women from our Women’s Center who are working on their recovery from substance abuse, mental health problems, and the aftereffects of interpersonal violence.  This film, directed by noted documentary filmmaker, Robin Smith, can be a helpful recovery tool for other women, a teaching tool for service providers, and an advocacy tool for policy makers and public educators.