Community Connections
Clinical Programs for Families and Youth
Community Connections has programs in both the District of Columbia and in Montgomery County, Maryland for families, children and youth.
District of Columbia:  The Community Connections Child and Adolescent Services Program is child-centered, family-focused, and community based.  Community Support Specialists meet the child/youth and family in their community locales, learn the values and perspectives of the family and joining with them in affirming skills, abilities, talents and hopes.  Problems are recognized in context and addressed through collaborative partnerships with the families and their support networks. Children are seen as often as necessary to achieve their stated goals and objectives.
Maryland: Community Connections provides residential services for young adults who require a therapeutic environment to manage their psychiatric and emotional problems.  A supported independent living apartment program with psychiatric rehabilitation (PRP) services serves youth in transition from ages 18-22.  Residential programs vary in the length of stay; however, follow-up care and assistance in finding permanent housing is available to all participants in Maryland.
DC Services include: MD Services include:
Comprehensive assessment of needs and life domains
Individualized treatment planning
Network resource development
Community support services
In home and/or office based counseling
Psycho-educational training and support
Crisis Services

To inquire about DC services please call (202) 546-1512.
Residential supervision
Psychiatric rehabilitation
Life skills training
Vocational placement and follow up
Medication Monitoring
Recreation and leisure activities
Educational Placement and support

To inquire about MD services please call (301) 585-6118.
See Research and Grant Funded Initiatives for further description of specialty services.
See Employment for current opportunities to join the staff at Community Connections.