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West Institute for Co-Occurring Disorders Study (West Program) (2007-present)
Community Connections has partnered with the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center in implementing the West Institute Study for Co-Occurring Disorders. This is a multi-level project testing psychosocial and pharmaceutical interventions for substance abuse among people with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. Over 300 participants will receive integrated treatment for co-occurring disorders plus specialized interventions that increase in intensity over the course of two years. Throughout the two years of participation consumers will receive Dual Diagnosis Case Management, an enhanced version of integrated dual disorders treatment. For the latter 18 months participants may be eligible for additional interventions including: contingency management, medication for alcohol dependence, dual diagnosis groups, specialized residential settings, intensive psychosocial treatments, and interventions targeting relapse prevention. The interventions participants receive will be based on the nature of their substance abuse, whether they continue to use or to abstain addiction is primarily alcohol or drugs, and through random assignment. The long-range goal is to develop treatment algorithms that are integrated with decision support systems for providers who work with consumers with co-occurring disorders. For more information please contact Sarah Krassenbaum, MHS, West Program Research Coordinator at (202) 683-1071 or
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