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Research & Grant Funded Initiatives: HIV

For a number of years, Community Connections has provided clinical and residential services for individuals diagnosed with severe mental health problems and HIV.  Because these individuals frequently bring a complex set of additional concerns to services—co-occurring substance abuse concerns, complicating co-occurring medical conditions such as Hepatitis C, diabetes, and obesity, for example, histories of trauma and abuse, and concerns about stigma and disclosure—an integrated and comprehensive set of services is necessary in response to these interrelated concerns.  Our current initiative is described in more detail when you click title below.

The Isis Project: Mental Health Services for African-American Women with HIV
The Isis Project (funded by SAMHSA/CMHS, 2006-2011), is designed to improve the mental and physical health of African American women in the District of Columbia who are HIV positive.

The Isis Project both increases the accessibility of needed services and provides an array of culturally competent, gender-specific, HIV-informed mental health services. The project's target population includes three groups: HIV-positive women who have severe mental disorders; HIV-positive women whose mental health status has not been evaluated or who do not have a DSM-IV diagnosis; and those individuals who are part of these women's natural networks.
What a few Isis Program Participants have said about the program and services:
"Now that I'm getting treatment for depression at CC I feel like I have a full life ahead of me.  I can live with HIV." -- Donna
"The other women at CC are so supportive!  I'm so glad I came  here for mental health services." -- Alyce
"I have to take care of myself, my health, and my I can take better care of my kids.  CC is helping me do that." -- Charlene
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