Community Connections
Research & Grant Funded Initiatives: Recovery Communities
For a number of years, Community Connections has examined the complex set of challenges homeless individuals diagnosed with severe mental health problems frequently bring to services in supportive housing.  Our current initiative is described in more detail when you click title below.
The Creating Communities project provides a comprehensive package of evidence-based services for chronically homeless individuals with severe mental disorders in the District of Columbia.  The purpose of Creating Communities is to assist these individuals find and keep stable housing by providing integrated services embedded in a residential community enriched by professional and peer support. 
Staff at Community Connections, in partnership with researchers from the Dartmouth Psychiatric Research Center, have published articles related work and research with the development of intentional recovery community communities
Recent articles include:
Whitley, R., Harris, M., Anglin, J. (published on line January 2008) Refuge or rehabilitation? Assessing the development of a Women's Empowerment Center for people with Severe Mental Illness. Community Mental Health Journal Online by Springer.
Whitley, R., Harris, M., Drake, R.E., (published on line February 2008) Safety and Security in Small-Scale Recovery Housing for People With Severe Mental Illness: An Inner-City Case
Study. Psychiatric Services online, 59 (2): 165-169.
Whitley, R., Harris, M., Fallot, R., & Berley, R.W. (Spring 2007).  The active ingredients of intentional recovery communities: Focus group evaluation. Journal of Mental Health, 17(2): 173-182.
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