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Trauma-Informed Services: Creating Cultures of Trauma-Informed Care
Approach Developed By Community Connections
Human service providers (mental health agencies, substance abuse treatment programs, welfare-to-work programs, court systems, and corrections facilities) are mandated to serve survivors of childhood trauma without treating them for the consequences of that trauma.  Often providers are unaware of the trauma that has occurred.  Systems can provide even more effective services when they become aware of the prevalence of abuse in the lives of the consumers they serve and when they learn how to adapt operating procedures to make more appropriate referrals and to prevent inadvertent re-traumatization.
Programs and systems can Create Cultures of Trauma-Informed Care (CCTIC) by thoroughly incorporating, in all aspects of service delivery and the physical setting, an understanding of the prevalence and impact of trauma and the complex paths to healing and recovery.  Building on key principles of safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration, and empowerment, trauma-informed services are designed specifically to be welcoming and hospitable for all individuals.  They simultaneously avoid trauma-related dynamics that may be retraumatizing for those seeking assistance.  For more detail of the Community Connections' CCTIC model, please see CCTIC Details page.
For more information about consultation and/or training in Community Connections' approach: Creating Cultures of Trauma-Informed Care, please contact Lori L. Beyer, MSW, Director of Trauma Training at (202) 608-4788 or
Creating Cultures of Trauma-Informed Care
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Accompanying Materials Developed
  Trauma-Informed Self-Assessment and Planning Protocol
  Trauma-Informed Self-Assessment Scale
  Services Implementation Plan
  Using Trauma Theory to Design Service Systems
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